Describe Medical Topic, then Cite and Summarize 3 peer-reviewed research studies. 4 pages long

For this assignment, please identify a particular mental disorder (that you or a friend/relative is dealing with) can be treated or alleviated using behavioral or pharmacological interventions.

Once you identify a topic, you will write an essay that describes the topic and its importance to you, and then summarizes the results of at least 3 peer-reviewed research articles related to that topic.

Specific requirements for your assignment: 

You must cite at least three original peer-reviewed research studies in your essay: 

Original research refers to papers that report the results of experiments. This does not include survey or review papers, which instead summarize the results of a large number of other experiments.
You can utilize / cite review papers, but this must be in addition to three original research sources. 
These three studies must be peer-reviewed (published in peer-reviewed journals

Your essay should be at least four pages long (double spaced, not including references).