Development in the news!

For this assignment, locate a story in the news or a research article that focuses on or addresses an issue of development in middle adulthood.
Once you’ve identified your source, provide a brief summary of the content, as well as your own analysis on the subject. Make sure to address the following:

Clearly state and discuss the developmental change that is being addressed in your source, including the main concepts, hypothesis (if applicable), and the conclusions that were drawn.  

What factors might influence this developmental change?  

How does society respond to these developmental changes?  (Ex. physical aging and the push for plastic surgery)

How do these changes impact the individual?  The family? Society? What types of supports, if any, are in place?

Are there gaps in the research?  What else needs to be explored further and why?

Your assignment must include at least 2 research references within the body of your paper.