Directions: 1. The length of the paper should be 3-6 pages, excluding title page

1. The length of the paper should be 3-6 pages, excluding title page and reference page(s). 2. A Week 2 Paper Template (Links to an external site.) to be used for your assignment is required for this assignment. USE the paper template format to type the paper.
3. Follow the directions below and the grading criteria located in the rubric closely.
4. Support ideas with a minimum of 2 scholarly resources plus the text book. Scholarly resources do not include your textbook. You may need to use more than 2 scholarly resources to fully support your ideas. 5. You may use first person voice when describing your rationale for choosing the CNP role and your plans for clinical practice. 6. Current APA format is required with both a title page and reference page(s). Use the following as Level 1 headings to denote the sections of your paper (Level 1 headings use upper- and lower-case letters and are bold and centered): a. Roles in Advanced Practice Nursing (This is the paper introduction. In APA format, a restatement of the paper title, centered and bolded serves as the heading of the introduction section). Provides an overview of what will be covered in the paper. Introduction should include: general statements on advanced practice nursing roles, general statements on the role transition from RN to APN, identification of the purpose of the paper. b. Describes the role, educational preparation, and work environment for the four APN roles: Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetis (CRNA), certified nurse-midwife(CNM). Provides support from at least one scholarly source. c. Describes the student’s rationale for choosing the CNP advanced practice role versus one of the other roles. d. Discusses the student’s plans for clinical practice after graduation. Explains how student’s understanding of NP practice has changed after researching ANP roles:
e. Discusses the student’s transition from the RN role to the NP role. a. Describes two factors that may impact the transition.
b.Discusses two strategies student will use to support a successful transition from the RN to your NP role. Provides reference support from at least one scholarly source. The textbook is not a scholarly source.
f. conclusion: Provides a conclusion, including a brief summary of what was discussed in the paper. resources to use: DeNisco, S.M. & Barker, A. M. (2015). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge for the profession (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Chapter 2: The Nurse Practitioner: Historical Perspectives on the Art and Science of Nurse Practitionering
Chapter 30: Introduction, Transitioning Roles, and Strategies for a Successful Transition sections. p. 763-766
National Council of State Boards of Nursing. (2008). Consensus model for APRN regulation: Licensure, accreditation, certification, & education.