Guidelines: the discussion forum is an exercise in the exchange of ideas, to figure out the many factors contributing to the efficient practice of American democratic politics and practice in recent times. Given that democracy promises the promotion of individual and collective well-being, extreme inequalities pose a challenge to realizing these goals. Share your thoughts using the following outline and questions.
Watch the Frontline documentary on Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Empire and read the ProPublica investigative report provided. Using the insight from skimming chapter 13, respond to the following question/prompts.
Discussion Questions: 
1) With specific examples from the assigned readings and the documentary, share your initial thoughts broadly on governmental policy aimed at improving the living conditions of all Americans and creating conditions for efficient working of a Market Economy. In other words, how would you rate the system/government high or low for how companies operate, how tax burden is shared, and how wealth is distributed among the population?
2) How would you improve the system or economic policy with specific reference to Amazon and the tax system on the rich?
3) Read all contributions/posts and comment on one you agree with or disagree with and your reason for doing so.

Reading Assignment
Our course covers American government and Issues. For the ‘issues’ part of the class, I select a consequential ‘break-out’ story related to American foreign policy or economic policy. For the discussion forum exercise, please quickly skim through chapter 13 on Economic and Social Policy, read the attached 7-page investigation report by ProPublica, and watch the Frontline documentary on Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Empire.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVVfJVj5z8s

Title: American Governmen A brief Introduction.
Author: Lowi, Ginsberg, Shepsle, and Ansolabehere
Edition: 16th
Publisher: Norton