Write a discussion post in the form of an essay answering the discussion prompt below.
PROMPT:  Volcanoes or Earthquakes? chose one prompt below to answer.
1. Volcanos Go to the Global Volcano Database (Links to an external site.)  and pick out a volcano. Please describe the volcano, how active it is /has been and it’s most violet eruption including its VEI, Amount of Tephra ejected and Type of volcano.  Also include why you thought this was an interesting volcano to post about.
2. Earthquakes Go to the  (Links to an external site.)USGS Earthquakes by state page (Links to an external site.) , scroll down to the map of the united states and choose a state to research.. Describe that states earthquake history and explain why you think that state has that earthquake history.  also online.


Your post should be over 300 words long, ( try not to go over 500 words)

Write in your own words while synthesizing the information in from you sources.

Use at least 3 sources

one  source may be your textbook
one source should be a current event ( unless you cannot find a current event in the past 6 weeks)
Online sources or electronically available publications through the library are encourage.

include a picture with a caption

Caption should include name of source and have full citation in Works Cited section. 

list of Works Cited at the end. 

Use MLA format for the citation.
A good source for MLA formatting information is the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.)
 More resources from the PBSC Library are at  MLA Information Center: MLA Websites & Tools (Links to an external site.)

5. Reply to 2 other students posts with comments that intend to continue the conversation in a meaningful way.  Replies of only a few words that basically say Great Job!  will not earn credit.