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1. During this program, you will complete an evidence-based practice project addressing a problem, issue, or concern in your specialty area of professional practice. Consider an area in your specialty that you believe needs improvement. Which nursing theories could you apply to this problem? Why is this the best theory?

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1. There is strong evidence indicating that nurse staffing has a significant impact on the overall patient outcome. Increased workload decreases the nurses’ ability to recall or pay attention to essential details. The negative effect of increasing workload can be explained by the Conservation of Resources theory (COR) developed by Stevan E. Hobfoll. COR is a nursing theory based on stress and the essential resources necessary for optimum human functioning. The theory describes four resources: objects, individual characteristics, current conditions, and energies that must function collaboratively for optimum human function (Prapanjaroensin et al., 2017). As a result, if one of the resources is threatened in the workplace, burnout occurs. Consequently, nurse burnout affects the work personae and may result in a potential decrease in concentration and overall quality. 
The COR is the best theory applicable in explaining the impact of increasing burnout for nurses because it holistically considers individuals. Increasing workload and burnout may happen due to many factors, including the nursing shortage and high employee turnover, among others. The COR considers the four resources that represent humans as a whole. For example, physical exhaustion increases safety issues related to the patients, which adversely impacts the patient outcome. On the other hand, conserving all the four resources reduces work-related stress and burnout, which may positively impact the patient outcome.
2. Despite healthcare system undergoing numerous transformations in the recent decades characterized by highly trained interprofessional teams and integration of healthcare technological systems, there still exists some healthcare issues that hinders the provision of quality of care and health safety of the patients. As a result, different theoretical concepts may be applied according to the underlying issues from different healthcare facilities.
As a registered nurse professional with a lot of dedication to execute healthcare mandate wholeheartedly, nurse shortage is  a healthcare issue that has been hindering the provision of quality of care within my current working healthcare facility. Nurse shortage has been an issue that has been observed for quite some time within the healthcare facility. In this regard, nurse professionals have been subjected to work on overtime basis. Being overworked in the nursing profession lead to high rate of nursing turnover in the healthcare facilities for the nurse professionals who become tired of being overworked (Kelly et al., 2021).
In my current job, the healthcare facility is experiencing an increased nurse burnout issues which have affected the psychological, physical, emotional, and mental state of the nurse professionals. This issue has also contributed to increased medical errors amongst the nurse professionals and increased disciplinary actions towards the nurse professionals on the wrong side. According to Rosen et al. (2018), it is easy for healthcare facilities to experience increased medical errors when interprofessional teams do not work in a collaborative manner due to issues of nurse shortage, nurse burnout or job unsatisfaction within the healthcare system.
To address the issue of nurse shortage in the healthcare facility, I would recommend the healthcare management team to implement Neuman system theory by Betty Neuman. This theory, view patients and other stakeholders as responders to stressors if only are guided on how to deal with any kind of stress (GONZALO, 2021). In this regard, having stressed nurse professionals in the healthcare facilities will not be ethical since the same nurses are expected to train patients on how to respond and handle their stress issues effectively. By implementing the Neuman system model would subject management team to solve the issue of nurse shortage so that all nurse professionals would enjoy working on a stable working environment thus improving the quality of care and minimization of the medical errors amongst nurse professionals.