Discussion post 5

TEDxConejo 2012 – Jean Campbell – Psychodrama: Voices Together(Links to an external site.)

1.  For this week’s discussion post, please watch the TED talk on psychodrama . How would you incorporate this technique in to group therapy. Please provide one journal article to support your discussion. Please respond to at least two classmates discussion post. 

2.  Please read the following article and share your thoughts and reflections. Would you add any additional strategies to this list, any strategies you agree or disagree? Provide at least one journal article to support your discussion (See attached article below).
The Association for Specialists in Group Works (ASGW) Special Initiatives Committee created a document oering 10 strategies for intentionally using group work to transform hate, facilitate courageous conversations, and enhance community building. 

3.  Please share your thoughts and reflections on “Using spiritual self-disclosure in psychotherapy”.  Although this article focuses on individual therapy, how would this work in group therapy?” Provide at least on journal article to support your discussion. 

NOTE- I uploaded the articles below.