Part 1 (Tonality and Poetry)
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Now that you’ve listened to two readings of the same poem, one by a performer and the other by the poet herself, below are two questions to answer:

What differences did you note between the two readings? Consider aspects of Sound in poetry, such as the tone of the reader’s voice, the rhythm at which they read, and the emphasis being placed on certain words and lines from the poem.
Between the two readings, which did you prefer and why? Remember, just because the poet reads the poem doesn’t mean that’s the definitive way to read it. Sometimes the voice of the poet won’t match what the poem is about or what the poem is trying to convey.

For each question your response should be 250 words, making a total of 500 words for this assignment. Lastly, don’t forget to respond to at least one other person’s post, which is also part of the assignment.
Part 2 (Video Review of Dutchman)
What to do:

States the title of the work and the full name of the author
Give contextual information about Amiri Baraka, the author, and about the year of 1964.
Summarize the plot of the play, with some attention paid to descriptions of Clay and Lula.
Draw a clear and direct connection between the play and the year 1964, with specific quotes from the play. This is followed by an explanation of how the passage from the play relates to the year 1964.
The analysis focuses on the element of Character and how Clay and Lula’s interaction reflects incidents and/or characteristics of 1964. They should avoid simplistic analytical statements like, “Clay represents Black America” and “Lula represents White America”. Analysis should focus on what the characters say, what they do, and the way they behave towards each other.
Should offer their thoughts and reactions about the murder of Clay at the end and what it reflects about that era in American history.
Should have a copy of the book in hand. If a digital copy, they reference the book through their tablet or phone.

Part 3 (Should Women be Equal or Protected? Why?)

Review the videos and read the textbook chapter carefully. Then read the assigned primary sources by Chisholm and Schlafly.
In one long paragraph, please identify who, in your opinion, makes the better argument, Chisholm or Schlafly? Explain why.       
Some considerations that might guide your approach to this assignment: 

Review the module materials chapter carefully.
Read both primary sources carefully and consider:

What challenges did women face at the time?
Why might women need greater equality?
Why might women need certain societal protections?
What benefits would society gain if women were granted full equality?
What might society lose if women were granted full equality? 
or more…  

This written response should be at least 350 words minimum. You are encouraged to write more if this assignment is something you want to really dig into. 

No plagiarism! Write on your own words! Follow the instructions accurately and address all the parts of the assignment! Thank you!