Primary submissions must be at least 250 words and be in paragraph form. 
Each primary submission must contain at least 2 works cited. 
Make sure you are using reliable resources like scientific articles or information from reliable organizations (for example, the NIH or the CDC
no plagiarism


1- Consider the criteria that have to be met in order for something to be considered living.  Research the characteristics of viruses, and then decide whether or not you think a virus is living

2- Facts are facts and the numbers are in.  The earth is slowly getting warmer.  The hot debate is not whether or not climate change is occurring, but whether or not human activities are accelerating climate change.  In your discussion, make a case for whether or not humans are causing climate change.  If not, why is the earth getting warmer?   Could changing human behavior help slow climate change?  What changes could we make as a human population?  Is the human population capable of making these changes?

3- It is now possible in biotechnology to collect DNA samples from an individual that will give insight into his/her health, paternity, and other personal information.  Although DNA fingerprinting can be beneficial, there are some concerns about DNA databanking and privacy issues.  What potential risks or concerns would you have about your genetic information being made public?

4- Some individuals in present day society are electing not to vaccinate their children.  Now that you know how vaccines affect the human immune system and the protection that they provide, imagine our world without vaccines.  Describe the condition of the human population in the United States if there were no vaccines and explain why it is better or worse than our current condition.