DQ Forum 3 – Conflict and Culture

Citations and references are required. Initial post is to be 350-400 words

Remember to review the DQ guidelines

How we do things around here is one way to describe culture. It is challenging to describe a culture when we are part of it. This week we introduced observations, descriptions, and we are seeking to understand the differences in our behaviour using culture as a lens.

Conflict is understood differently when observed in differing cultures. All people have some basic needs and drivers of behaviour. How do we unbundle culture from human needs and apply them to managing conflict successful?

My Goal

To advance our ability to listen, observe, and engage as leaders. We will manage and resolve conflict to come to the best decisions while enhancing our relationships.

Use your unique perspective, coming from China and studying in Canada to understand how culture impacts conflict. 

Identify a conflict you have had. Describe the conflict to start your post. 
1, What cultural observations were reflected in your example?
2, What symbols, tone, body language, beliefs, values, etc. do you observe?
3, How does Canadian culture influence how people engage in conflict?
4, How does Chinese culture influence how people engage in conflict?
5, What observation can you make that is human and would be the same no mater what culture the conflict would happen within?
Use citations from articles provided or another academic source to support your observations.