Each student will be required to submit a term paper as part of this course. The

Each student will be required to submit a term paper as part of this course. The term paper must be on a topic approved by the instructor, but generally any topic that addresses the impact of technology on society, whether past, present or future, would be acceptable. Term paper should successfully incorporate and synthesize at least three or more key concepts from the course. Term papers should be no less than five full pages of text and should not exceed ten pages, although longer papers will be accepted. The term paper must be done in MLA format, using 12 Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. All term papers will use a minimum of two printed sources (books, magazines, professional journals, etc) and two electronic sources (legitimate websites, NC Live, etc). Students are encouraged to use more and varies sources such as interviews, site visits, etc. Note: for more information on “legitimate websites” and how to recognize them, visit the FTCC Library’s informative website and read their guidance. If still in doubt about the validity of a potential online source, feel free to discuss such potential websites with the instructor before using them.
Course concepts you might incorporate include but are not limited to:
^ these are the instructions above. I am wanting to the palate to be about the improvements on cellphones and how social media impacts the society
Law of the Hammer
Law of the Possible
Technology as a System
Technology as a Subversive Force
The Technological Fix
Scientific Management
The Unintended Consequences of Technology
Social Constructivism
Technological Determinism
Technological Closure
The Social Processes Model of Technological Advance
The Great Men and Women View of Technological Advance
Global Warming/Climate Change
Alternative Energy
Cultural Lag Theory
Convergence Theory
Arms Control
Mutually Assured Destruction
The Digital Divide
TV/Video Violence
The Network Effect
Social Networking
Video Game Addiction
Privacy in the Digital Age
Technology’s Effects on the Workplace
Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Economic Globalization
If you have a question about a concept not on this list, feel free to ask!
Acceptable Length
5 or more full pages of text. There is no penalty for exceeding 5 pages From me after I do the paper proposal do you want me to let you know what I want to write about?