Education – School Core

For essay 1, we will look at multiple different topics on First-Generation College students. Many of the themes with First Generation college students also connect to the reading, “Living in Two Worlds”, or the journal article “Stereotypes and Their Effects on First-Generation Students”. Pick a topic based on some of our discussions with first-generation college students. It is important that you read the articles posted on D2L to assist with this essay. Some of the general ideas you may want to consider are:
Problems First Generation College students have
3-4 pages, nothing more than 4.5 pages, word count must be stated in your essay after your last paragraph. Word Count cannot include Your Name, Class, Instructor, Title, Date, and Works Cited.
Research: Two sources are required for this essay. Please use Purdue Owl and your Pocket Style manual when referencing how to incorporate outside sources.
Format: MLA Format: Double-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font, 12 point font.
Audience: Academic Audience, must use formal language, no you of any form, No Me, No Contractions, Slang, Clichés, and Colloquialisms.

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