Epidemiology outbreak Paper

Please make me an epidemiology paper outbreak regarding Marburg 
Disease Virus. I attached a sample that you can follow for this epidemiology paper. I also attached the outline I needed for you to include in thisassignment. Below is the url from CDC. Please ask any questions you may have. Thank you!

URL:    https://www.cdc.gov/vhf/marburg/resources/index.html

These are the grading criteria. Please ensure you have everything:

1) At least 3-5 literary documents on community/population background and history is used to define population & current problems. Population/community is defined clearly using demographics properly with at least two comparison.
2) Complete data provided. Data is relevant to community or populations health related problem(s). Data is aligned on table, accurate and referenced properly. At least two primary data methods used.
3) Analysis of data is clear. Includes assets, needs, and challenges required. Uses data from sections to draw conclusion that align with problems. Complete problem statement present
4) List at least one active program and at least 5-7 resources availability to the population/community. Information and supporting literature or references used.
5) Citations are properly referenced. APA style used correctly. Document is submitted in required settings. No or less than 5 errors noted in formatting.