Essay comparing different books which includes Sundiata, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, They Odyssey, And the Pain Tree from Olive Senior.

Given thisvideo and Shiduri’s advice in Gilgamesh about what oneshould enjoy during a mortal life, consider whether you think Gilgamesh isan epic in line with other epics we have read in terms of its values, or if itis different. Does Gilgamesh offera model for a “failed” hero?–Is Gilgamesh a failed hero–is Urukitself enough of a creation that his failure to secure immortality isacceptable?
What about Beowulf? Sunjata? Do any ofthese texts champion Shiduri’s view over the more overtly (albeit simplified)warrior-ethic answer Conan provides here?
Do any of the epics critique the speechgiven by Conan? Consider here especially the critique of blood feuding and/orthe results of greed. Is this video clip an actual representation of any of thevalues of any of the epics we have read, or is it a perverse revisioning ofmore complicated stories rebuilt as a patriarchal, masculinist fantasy of apowerful man destroying enemies and “crushing” women with his love?(This is sadly in one of the modern video games featuring Conan– Cue the eyerolls.

The essential thing I want us to consideris that Conan is for all intents and purposes a modern sword and sorcery modelof the man’s man, the warrior, the fighter, etc. Is he a model thatacknowledges the rich history of the epic hero in texts like Sunjata and Gilgamesh, or doeshe represent the worst in excesses of Odysseus and King Helgi? Something inbetween?
Finally, to what extent do modern portrayals of sword andsorcery or “epic” heroes present them in a way that oversimplifiestheir original conception? Are these portrayals at odds with any moderncultural strains–for example, would any of you label Conan as an example oftoxic masculinity, and if so, would you also label the non-pulp epic heroeswith this label? Is there a distinction to be made, and if so, what is it? Howcan we critique or modify traditional epic heroes in order to offer a palatabledefinition of the word hero for modern audiences? Connect this difference inperception of heroism with Olive Senior’s story “Boxed-In.” Does itgrapple with any of these issues? Explain briefly.

In considering all these issues, you may wish to thinkback to the start of the semester and this quote from “The PainTree”: “history is not dates or abstraction but a space where memorybecomes layered and textured. What is real is what you carry around inside ofyou” (7). Does this quote suggest that it does not matter if modernretellings of epics are not what the originals were because they are what weremember from the originals? This can add an additional layer of complexity toyour reflections.

please write at least 500 words (stay under 1000)
make sure you include at least four specific quotes, at least one should be from Gilgamesh

Please take your time as the assignment is not actually due till the 4th.