Ethical and Societal Concerns of Computer Scientists

Jefferson And Barlow Paper

Compare Barlow’s and Jefferson’s Declarations and provide three examples indicating similarities or differences. Write paragraphs and use a table or depictions to show similarities or differences.
Find an article(s) or resource(s) that you can cite/reference and discuss developing your own cyber declaration of 2021 and beyond. This is your chance to display your critical thinking, writing and communication skills using academic research. You may discuss: ethics, technology, social movements, current events as long as your discussion has a (technology and ethical basis or framework).

Requirements: use the APA template from the Getting Started Link in Blackboard to structure your paper. Your paper should be: a 650 word minimum, content is the body of your paper, and does not count the title page, abstract or reference section in the page count. You must include: title page, abstract, in-text citations and references. 

Additional APA resources: