European Old and New Worlds Purpose and Outcomes Now that

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European Old and New Worlds

Purpose and Outcomes
Now that we have expanded our understanding of the terms Old and New Worlds in a Native American context, let’s examine those ideas from a European perspective.
Please provide a 150-word minimum response to the following question. Your response is worth seven (7) possible points and should only use the assigned articles, texts, and the optional documentary Guns, Germs, and Steel (Links to an external site.). Responses should include basic MLA citations when required. Example: (Merrell, 51); (American YAWP, The First Americans): (Guns, Germs, Steel). Responses are due by the deadline posted on Canvas.

How did contact with the Americas generate New Worlds in Europe? How did Europeans maintain Old Worlds in the Americas?

You must also post a minimum 100-word substantive reply to a colleague’s post. Your reply is worth three (3) possible points.

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