Exemplification Essay

I.    Definition of the Exemplification Essay

A writer of an exemplification essay uses examples to support a thesis, a claim, or assertion that s/he is making about a particular topic.    Using examples not only supports the thesis, it also clarifies the topic for the reader.   A writer who is engaged in this pattern may also seek to support a generalization by providing specific examples that illustrate and explain the generalization.  In this case your three examples come from three short stories listed below.

II.  The Assignment for Essay #2
A.  Include a discussion of any three stories chosen from the list below.   They are Richard Fords Under the Radar, (see Bb), Jhumpa Lahiris short story, A Temporary Matter, and Eric Casaress Domingo.  Use the three short stories listed above as examples that explain, support, and/or illustrate your thesis.  And your thesis will gain support from the three examples (the three short stories).  
 Some say that everything happens for a reason.   But, given the fact that many things happen in peoples lives that are unexplainable and, perhaps, hard to understand, that assertion that everything happens for a reason may be difficult to defend.   Read closely the above short stories and show how each story reveals the fundamental uncertainty in life and how the character/s each dealt with their own struggle.   How does each author convey this uncertainty?  Check for symbols, imagery, plot structure, characterization, all of which can be used to convey this uncertainty.   
      III.   Step by step guide to constructing your essay
 A.  Your thesis statement will address the following issue:   How does each story illustrate (exemplify) the fundamental uncertainty in life?  How does the author in each story convey a central theme?  
 B. After reading closely the aforementioned short stories, use the three short stories as examples or illustrations that amplify, clarify, and support your thesis statement regarding the topic: uncertainty and the struggle.   
 C.  Incorporate the following sources within your essay.  
                                 1.   Two scholarly articles about any one of the three short stories
                                 2.   Three short stories
 IV.  Essay Specifications
A.  Your essay must be 4-6 pages in length and written in MLA format.

It must be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font; double-spaced.
Your essay must include a Works Cited page in addition to the 4 pages.