Explain why you believe it is important to undertake this research.

Below you will find quick tips to help you write your letter of intent:
Font: Times New Roman 12
Spacing: Single-spaced
Margins: 2 cm minimum
Number of page: Approximately 500 words (maximum 2 pages)
This list is not exhaustive. Items can be presented in a different order.
Your letter must be clear, concise, precise and structured, and must include the following:
Explain clearly how your career path has led to your desire to begin graduate studies in education and conductmajor research (your motivation and interest).
Present a broad outline of your research (topic, issues and question you will deal with) and explain how your topic relates to your career goals.
Provide context for your research (topic relevance and originality).
Explain why you believe it is important to undertake this research.
Explain your research goals (your contribution to the field of study).
Show that you are very familiar with the Faculty of Education, your program and your program options.
Show how your research topic fits with the program’s orientation.
Summarize the reasons you will be an asset to the Faculty and program (your chances of success).
You must show that you have the main qualities required for graduate studies, such as:
academic rigour;
ability to synthesize;
analytical skills;
intellectual curiosity, and
good writing skills.
Be concise and precise!
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