Extracting and developing novel hypotheses

For this assignment, you will be evaluated with APA learning objectives (see Assignment #1 Grading Rubric) based on your ability to apply these instructions for extracting the 1) scientific hypotheses and testable predictions, 2) statistical hypotheses, 3) figures, tables and primary esults, and 4) primary study limitations for the following article:
Vickery, T. J., Sussman, R. S., & Jiang, Y. V. (2010). Spatial context learning survives interference from working memory load. Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance, 36(6), 1358.

attached I have the article, the rubric, an example of the student paper aand how it should be formatted & written, and also helpful templates my professor provided for the paper as well. Please use and utilize all possible attachments as they are important to getting a good grade on this assignment. thank you.