Film research

You will write a minimum 200-word analysis paper on a film you have watched from the perspective of a Producer, utilizing the techniques, terminology and elements taught in class. The film you choose must have been released in 2020, and have had a budget of less than $20M. So yeah, you have to dig around and find a movie in that budget. 
Give me the origins of the film and how the film came to life. Development, and Pre-Production, maybe find an interview with the producer of the film to give you perspective.

Then discuss the Potential Audience for the film, the Budget, the Casting, Production Value, the Director Choice and the Big Question – did it make money or not, and – did IN YOUR OPINION – WHY IT DID or DIDN’T MAKE MONEY. 
This is not a review of the film, you don’t even have to watch the film but an understanding of why the film was made and if it succeeded in its primary goal of making money.