Final Project

1. Answer the following questions: providing documentation and/or justification for your responses. Each response needs at least 3 resources: your book, one peer-reviewed article, and another credible source. 
a. What is the U.S. political stance on this issue? Provide a synopsis of the laws pertaining to this issue.
b. How is this issue portrayed in the media (e.g. tv, online, news, print)? Give at least two examples.
c. Choose 5 other countries and state political stances and laws pertaining to this issue for each country. 
d. How do you think the official stances and laws of these other 5 countries affect the U.S. and vice versa?
e. Does the U.S. have an obligation to be a world leader in this area? Why or why not?
f. Based on the information you have researched on “the world” and this issue, have your views changed? Why or why not?
NOTE: Each question should be at least half page answer. ******* Have to write accordingly 
This is a formal assignment –- avoid personal pronouns, use correct APA formatting (cover page, headers, page numbers, citing, etc.). Use headings to indicate each question (ex: question b = “Media Portrayal”)