Focus 2 carrer exploration

Focus 2 Reflection Instructions:Your assignment for this week is to write a reflection a thoughtful response or according to the NewOxford American Dictionary giving serious thought or consideration- about what you have learnedfrom completing the Focus 2 assessment and exploring the Focus 2 website (which can be found bygoing to My Career Path under MyMCC in the student portal).-Youve responded to the questions in Focus 2 around your values, interests, personality, skills, andlifestyle preferences.-Youve viewed a list of careers that are recommended for you and have clicked on careers that arelisted and read about them in more depth, because you found them interesting or because you had notconsidered them before or didnt know what they were.-You may have also looked at groupings of two or three of the five assessments to see what theyrecommend with just those categories included.-You now need to write a two-page reflection about Focus 2.1. Include your name, the title of the assignment and the date. The reflection needs to be two full pagesand not the bottom half of the first page and the top half of the second page. Write it in the form of anessay with an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please reread aloud what you havewritten. I do not take off points for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, but these things do takeaway from the flow of a paper and can be jarring.2. You are writing about what you learned in general about yourself in the above process and comparingand contrasting two of the careers listed. Maybe one is a career that you have some familiarity with andone is one you have never considered before. Why do you think they were recommended for you? Whatis appealing to you about them or not appealing to you about them? Youve clicked on these careers andread more about them. What struck you most about them? Include any perceptions you believe arerelevant. There is no right or wrong. I look forward to reading what you have to say.
I need it in 5 hours
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