Focus on their contributions and influences, not their biographical data.)

Due to their geographical proximity and the mingling of populations over the centuries, there are many connections and common threads between ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Choose one aspect of these ancient civilizations and track its commonalities/similarities as best as you can from Greece to Rome, detailing the contributions of one critically important individual from both Greece and Rome in that area of interest. (You will discuss two people in your essay, one from Greece and one from Rome. Focus on their contributions and influences, not their biographical data.)
Examples: Military, Religion, Politics/Government, Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Engineering, Medicine, Sports, Mathematics, Science. You are not limited to these topic areas, but if you choose one not from this list, you should contact the professor to discuss your idea before you start writing. You’ll want to do a little basic background research in order to be able to discuss the topic with the professor, though.
Instead of the above, you may choose to track the development of monotheistic religion, provided you touch on the common threads between Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and focus on the historical importance and impacts of these religious practices. Remember this is a history class, not a theology class; while you should touch on theological commonalities, you will need to stick to the events and provable facts of their respective developments through the first century of Islam’s existence.
(Please remember to include your bibliography with this essay. I realize you’ve already done that work, but it could have changed since you turned the bibliography in separately, and it’s still common practice to include it with the work. Thank you.)

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