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RESPOND TO STUDENT POST compare and contrast their experience in presenting their information with your own experience. Offer suggestions about how you overcame, or would overcome, similar challenges. 
Katlyn post
I faced a lot of challenges. The feedback that I received was so great but I had to keep trying harder because it wasn’t exactly correct, or maybe I missed something. My audience was GE scientists. Again, I had a hard time tailoring this information at first because I wasn’t sure how this should be presented. After reading through the articles I found I could see how it was laid out and then I didn’t seem to have a problem. I thought my feedback was the most informative knowledge I could have asked for. 

Nathan post
I have yet to submit my presentation, but it is in the works. My specific audience for my presentation [about electric cars] is young adults to Millennials, which encompasses those in their late teens to early thirties. I chose this audience because I fall into this age group and I believe the audience I can relate to the most is my own. I do not have a lot of experience surrounding the topic of electric cars, so I figured if I can make myself understand, then I can teach others. 
My presentation is being adapted to fit my audience through the language and vocabulary as well as offering a visually appealing piece. Through using causal language and breaking down vocabulary for it to be understood by a larger audience I have been able to tailor my presentation to the intended audience. Additionally, making a visually appealing presentation aids in causing the topic to feel more relatable as well as forces the audience to pay more attention than if it were a bland, simple scientific presentation. 
Personally, I did not find any of the scientific communications studied throughout this course to be helpful when tailoring my presentation to my audience. I am a marketing major, so I mainly applied elements I learned in past marketing courses regarding appealing to a target market when crafting this presentation, along with the speaker notes and rough drafts.