For this final part of your course project, you will

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For this final part of your course project, you will gather the four resources (ebook, scholarly article, magazine article, newspaper article, and/or website) located for assignments you did in the Module Course Projects over the term (ex: Module 04 Course Project: Books and Scholarly Journals) and use them to create your annotated bibliography. Submit your final annotated bibliography in the dropbox.
Make sure that you address all requirements outlined in the project description. Your annotated bibliography must contain the following components:

Each entry must begin with a full APA reference citation. A reference citation provides the information necessary to locate the resource. APA editorial style guidelines dictate both the type of information required for a citation and the order and formatting within the citation itself.
Reference citations are followed by an annotation, which is an overview of the information resource. For each annotation, you will do the following:
Summarize the resource selected
Evaluate the resource selected
Justify your use of the resource for this project.

For the annotated bibliography:

Include at least four of the following five resources that you identified in your research process:
One Book
One Scholarly Journal Article
One Magazine Article
One Newspaper Article
One Web Resource

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