For this writing assignment, choose one of the two short-answer

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For this writing assignment, choose one of the two short-answer prompts below and write a two-page, double-spaced paper addressing the questions/topics listed.
1. Device Analysis: Decide on a wearable device that you are interested in. It can be mentioned in this unit or from your own research. Write a summary about it, addressing the following questions:

What technologies does it use?
How is it used?
What features does it have?
How does it benefit the wearer?
What risks or side-effects are there from wearing it?
After your research, would you still choose to use this product and why?

2. Movie review: With the approval of a parent or guardian, watch the 2017 movie The Circle ( in a new tab)) and answer the following questions:

What types of wearable technologies are portrayed in the movie? How are the wearable devices being used?
Are the wearable devices portrayed positively or negatively?
What is the difference between a wearable and implantable device? As an employee, what concerns would you have about an implantable that you might not have about a wearable?
What problems with wearable devices were illustrated throughout the movie? What steps could employees take to ensure more control is kept over their data?

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