For websites, make sure to include the whole url

Paper 1 consists in an in-depth research on a topic of your choosing among those listed below. Your job is to summarize the topic you chose including as many details as you find appropriate. Don’t think of this simply as regurgitating information you copied from Wikipedia. Think of it as an exercise in storytelling. Imagine having a drink with a friend and telling him/her this story: don’t assume your reader has to listen to you. Rather find a way to make them care about the topic. Make sure you are equally entertaining as you are informative. The most captivating ways of telling history emphasize powerful emotions, and possess an epic quality.
The paper is between 7-10 pages in length (double spaced)
Choose one of the following topics:
-King Philip’s War 1674-1676
-Thomas Morton and Merrymount settlement
-John Brown
-Lewis and Clark Expedition
-Roanoke Island
-St. Claire’s Defeat (and (Links to an external site.))
Make sure to include a full bibliography for all the books and other possible sources related to your Paper. The Bibliography can be in any style. Book references need to include at least Title, Author, Date of Publication, Publisher.
For Websites, make sure to include the whole URL
For Movies and Documentaries, include at minimum the title, author(s), and date.
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Paper must be original

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