Directions: Choose one prompt. The essays must be typed, 4-5 pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins. They should be turned in on Canvas. The essays should follow the standards of college-level, academic writing and consist of intro, body, and conclusion. The essays should answer the chosen prompt, cover only the material for that module, and provide some analytical insight utilizing concepts discussed during lecture. Students should use the reading/lecture material strategically, citing information in order to substantiate your claims. Each paper should include a brief “works cited” section at the end with proper bibliographic reference style. These papers will be evaluated based on the quality of mechanics, punctuation, and analysis.Topic 1: “Fundamentalism in the Twentieth Century”What are the defining characteristics of Christian fundamentalism in the United States? What were the nineteenth century influences that led to the rise of fundamentalism in the twentieth century? In what crucial way has fundamentalism had an impact on other aspects of life (i.e., race relations, politics, economics, etc.) in the U.S. throughout the twentieth century?
NOTE: These are not personal reflection papers. The tone should be academic, using examples and evidence from the readings (no outside sources unless approved by the Professor or TA). If students have any questions regarding the basics of college-level writing or the guidelines associated with these modular reports please contact your TA and/or professor!Good Luck and Enjoy!