Gen Z VS. Millenials compare/contrast essay

For this assignment, you will write a Compare and Contrast essay in which you will
explore the similarities and differences between two of the following topics:

Generation Z vs. Millennials
Generation Z vs. Generation X
How Generation Z is perceived vs How Generation Z really is according to you

The American Family Then and Now
1.  Compare and Contrast the way and times in which you were raised to that of children today.  Do you think that your parent’s were more strict or concerned than today’s parents?  Do you think that kids today expect too much?  Provide specific examples as to how kids today are being raised similarly and differently than you.2. How has the role of the woman changed in the family? Is this change good for families? How has the emergence of women in the workforce and their becoming “bread winners” affected the family?3.  As I look at the male figures in my own family, I can see that the role of the male has changed in two generations.  My grandfather, for example, has never changed a diaper or cooked a meal in fifty-two years of marriage, yet I do these two things often.  In your own family, how has the role of your gender changed in the last two generations.  While the changes are probably many, there are still some things that have probably stayed the same.  In considering this topic, be sure to include some of the things that are similar regarding the role of your gender in your family structure.4.  More and more couples are choosing not to be married.  How and why is this different from the past?  Why are people not getting married? How does the affect the family?5.  Non-traditional families are becoming the new normal in the United States.  Discuss and compare the traditional family and non-traditional families.
Your purpose for this essay will be to simply inform your audience on their similarities and differences, on the relative merits of the items discussed, and establish the significance of this comparison and contrast. This last point will be expressed in the thesis of your essay which will also strengthen your essay and clarify its purpose.
The first thing you want to do is brainstorm everything you know about each topic, research both of them, go back and look for connections that show similarities and differences, and then develop your thesis. Remember to select only those aspects that are explicitly comparable or contrastable. After you have formulated your thesis statement, established your basis of comparison, and selected your points for discussion, you are ready to organize your paper.
There are two primary ways to organize the body of your paper, the divided pattern or the subject-by-subject organization, and the alternating pattern or the point-by-point organization. You can find these in the posted course materials

The essay should meet the following criteria:

2-3 pages long
The appropriate elevated tone and language,
Appropriate paraphrasing and quoting if you use sources
Use of documentation for every quotation, set of statistics, and paraphrased information,
Well written paper in terms of grammar, etc
Write the essay in the first or third person,
Use MLA format,
Typed on MS Word, font size 12, Times New Roman, double space. All margins – top, bottom, and sides – should be set to one inch (1″) throughout the whole