Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

You are being graded for understanding a KPI Goal, Objective and Strategy 2 points each)..so be sure you know what these are from the last class/ppt and by reviewing the ppt for this week’s session.

1. I selected ____________ (a Not-for-Profit Hospital) with why you chose it in one sentence.  E.g. the one you picked as the best or worst Mission.

2.  Pick two of that hospital’s KPI’s on the attached (and/or the additional data on Session 4 Module e.g. “Metrics”) and indicate for each if it was a strength to be built on or a weaknesses to overcome and simply state why you picked it with one sentence.

3. Under each  KPI

State one clear Goal using the data provided in the last Ppt  – What should they be trying to accomplish?
State an Objective for that Goal – What measurable results will support the stated Goal
This willy require a number from the KPI’s and a reasonable number to achieve in the short term (under a year) and Long-term (max 5 years).  This can come from the 17 hospital’s best performances (or the LA County data on the first OSHPD report) or you may want to look at an article for help on these.  (e.g. “Becker’s Review” will give you hospital benchmarks for most of the KPI’s used here).  I don’t want Bibliographies…You need only to provide the link to articles used.
State a Strategy(ies)/Tactic(s) to achieve the objective for that goal and KPI…
4.  You’re limited to two pages.  This is a practice exercise that will lead to your SWOT Analysis.

THAT’s it!

Here’s what the KPI’s are

From the attached downloaded OSHPD data (Pt Day, DC’s, $$$) and a results tab called “Sum KPI’s” (Key Performance Indicators) for the 17 Valley Hospitals. These KPI’s  include the ones below.  There is also the MCare Rating System and Variance Analysis tabs on the Metrics Homework for this week’s session.

Occupancy % (Pt Days divided by licensed beds) National average is 65%.
Market Share (Days and Discharges DC’s) Each Hospitals days and DC’s are divided by the Total for all 17 Hospitals
ALOS is average length of the Hospital’s stay (Pt Days divided by DC’s).  The shorter the stay usually implies a lower cost per DC/stay.
Payer MIx is the % of Pt days by MCare, MCal, Commercial and Other patients/Payers. Usually Commercial pays the highest, then MCare, MCal and Other the lowest.
Net Revenue per Patient Day  can be the result of better Payer Mix (above), better negotiated rates and/or more complex cases and procedures.
Profit Margin is the Profit divided by the Net Revenues.  Negative $$ are in red and mean the Hospital lost money as its Expenses were greater than its Net Revenues.
Salaries & Benefits as a percentage of Expenses is usually the highest expense category for almost all healthcare providers.