You do not need to address everything in the articles, rather you get to choose what is the most important. Read or view the following:
The Case for Basic Income for Parents

What should the government do if the vision in Humans Need Not Apply becomes true? How can a stable democracy exist when half the population has no means of support? How does fast food automation and the $15 minimum wage affect automation? What are the effects of self-driving vehicles? How does this work in connection with the rise of corporate giants such as Amazon? Why are the fruits of this new tech economy not distributed evenly. Write an essay of at least two to pages double spaced 12 point New Times Roman font, discussing your thoughts on these readings and videos in the class or outside material.
This is an individual exam and you may not collaborate with others, but you may use the book, notes, internet, and any other source. If you cut and paste text, then quote, do not paraphrase with cut and paste as it tends to not work well and may cause plagiarism allegations. Proper paraphrasing is best done by reading text on one side of your screen and writing on the other one. If you need help ask a librarian. All papers must be submitted on Blackboard by the deadline and will be screened by Turnitin. No paper copies will be accepted. It is graded 1 for Pass and 0 for No Pass. If you fail you must retake it until you pass. This is an exam, not an assignment. The deadline is firm and no extensions are possible.