Group Presentation and Evaluation – Wintringham Specialist Aged Care

Please read the Brief for the assessment instruction. 
Note: We are taking on the department of “social worker” in the youtube video below who are employed at Wintringham’s company to answer all three questions. 

Please watch Wintringham on youtube:
Please read: Wintringham Specialist Aged Care: .

Please answer the question highlighted in yellow in the word document or the question below.
2D: Learning experiences would include  mandatory training ( i.e. EEO,OHS, Anti-bullying, manual handling) for all staff and specific training forparticular groups (i.e. introduction of new software programs, changes toprivacy legislation, leadership skills, mandatory reporting of injury).

Note: You might require Question 1 and 2a,b and c to be answered to be able to answer Question 2d. If this is the case please do reach out to me and I will provide this as soon as I can. 

On completion can you please include the important/ relevant dot points of the overall speech so I can include it into the powerpoint.