Health care delivery systems

Provide responses to the ten questions listed below. 
This homework
is going to be an essay style.

Respond to the questions, you will need to place the answers
in your own words.  Do not cut and paste
from any source yet do provide a citation after each question that tells where
you researched your information.  There
will be no credit given for a question that has been cut and pasted or that
does not have a citation immediately after the question.

Here are the 10 questions: (Blackboard Discussion Boards from
Weeks 1-7 could help immensely in answering these questions.)


Summarize three key pieces of legislation in
health care.  The slides could be very
helpful to you in responding.

Review an article that covers the role that social
media plays in the prevention of disease as well as the delivery of care.

Summarize changes in outpatient visits in the
21st Century.

Describe the different types of ownership and
classifications of hospitals.

Summarize the levels of nursing care.

Summarize at least five allied positions
available in health care.

Name and explain basic torts that can occur in a
health care setting.

Summarize five key pieces of mental health
legislation and describe five organizations focused on mental health.

Identify and describe three trends that are
occurring in long-term care.

Describe what is generally meant by the word
“navigator” in terms of health care.

Text book used was Navigating the U.S. Health Care System