Your healthcare organization is going through difficult times. Patients are complaining about the quality of services, and the admission rate dropped by 20% in 3 months. The strategic healthcare manager invites you to help in planning for change and asks you to do a report on Kurt Lewin’s force field analysis to help managers see organizational change as a series of forces operating in different directions.
Write a 5-page change analysis. Include the following:

A brief on the force field theory
A discussion on the need for healthcare managers in the organization to understand the internal and external environments to identify sources of resistance to change
3 possible individual barriers to change for the healthcare facility with brief explanations
3 possible organizational barriers to change for the health facility with brief explanations
Conclude your report by explaining Lewin’s 3-step approach that the healthcare facility could adopt to implement planned change

Deliverable Requirements

Minimum of 5 pages
At least 3 references
APA reference format