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Social Psychology: Reading Reflections 2
This week we study the self. Please answer the following questions.
1) How does the self develop? Where is the ‘self’ in the brain? (Links to an external site.)
2) Self-esteem is one way we evaluate ourselves. It predicts many positive outcomes. Evaluate and write about the affect of ‘fixed’ mindset or ‘growth’ mindset on self-esteem (Links to an external site.)
3) How does a fixed vs growth mindset affect sports performance?
Here is one example (Links to an external site.)
4) Give a specific example of how you would coach a sports team (you pick the sport)—and use a growth mindset.
Does a fixed vs. growth mindset come from parenting?
Give a specific set of guidelines for raising children with a growth mindset. (Links to an external site.)
5) Give examples for changing a fixed to a growth mindset in adulthood. Describe how self-discrepancy theory could be used in therapy to reduce anxiety and reduce depression.
Some help: (Links to an external site.)

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