The readings and short answers are atteched. Use sources from both of the readings please.

Answers are to be in complete sentences and written in a manner demonstrating college-level communication skills.  Answers that consist of one or two sentences are generally not indicative of excellent work and will be graded accordingly (unless the question dictates otherwise).  Answers that consist of several paragraphs but lacking in critical analysis and proper support are also not indicative of excellent work and will be graded accordingly.  Be sure to support your answers/arguments with appropriate examples/quotes from the sources.  ***Proofread your work before final submittal. 
The paper must be submitted to the Dropbox by the specific due date.  **Remember, no late assignments will be accepted.  Each paper will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn to check for plagiarism, so be sure to use quotes and cites accordingly.
For these modest writing assignments, the following formatting guidelines apply:
              1).  Please put your name on this paper.
              2).  Paper must be typed.
              3).  1-inch margins should be used.
              4).  12-point font should be used
              5).  For each source, identify the source at the top of the page, Copy and Paste, or, write out each question as provided to you on the Short Answer Question sheet.  Then, provide your answer directly after the posted question.