History Essay

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 The main focus of your paper will be to examine the primary documents that form the basis of the question.  You may certainly use any relevant information from either your textbook or in-class lectures to help support your answer…WITH the understanding that you MUST quote from the required primary documents for that question.  Any citations MUST BE in MLA format.  Your paper WILL  BE double spaced (no hand written papers), and you will use a font no larger than Arial 10pt, Cambria 11pt, or Times New Roman 12pt. Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and argument points, well thought out analysis, proper references, and a neatly worded conclusion.

While most of us may look with mock amusement at Civil War aficionados reenacting various battles, these people are very serious about what they do.  So too was the case of soldiers who found themselves on opposite sides of that Civil War when it was actually being fought.  Samuel Storrow wanted to fight for the North very badly, as he told his parents “what is the worth of this man’s life…if this great and glorious fabric of our Union…is to be shattered to pieces.”  Captain George Pickett resigned his Northern Commission in order to fight for the South, claiming “there can never again reign for either of us the true spirit of national unity whether divided under two flags or united under one.”  Is it possible that both men can be right?  We’ve obviously decided in our modern world that slavery is wrong, but this very issue is something that men fought each other and died for on both sides!!!  Were these two men fighting for ideals that went way beyond slavery?  Please provide AT LEAST two quotes each (2) from both of their perspectives, Storrow and Pickett, which can be found in the same article Why They Fought  Download Why They Foughtas evidence.