How does culture affect social and emotional development?

research proposal should address the following questions:

What topic do you plan to research for the semester? What do you want to learn more about this topic? Why do you want to research this topic?
What do you already know about this topic? What do you need to know more about this topic?
Who else is interested in this topic?
What are the various perspectives on this topic?
Why is this topic significant to you and to larger audiences?
What research question will you ask and investigate about your topic?
What are relevant, credible sources that address your topic? (you might need to do a quick search for scholarly and academic sources on the topic)
How will you investigate your research question? Where will you look for information about it? What kind of search strategies will you use? what kinds of sources would you like to find? 

Consider the following questions as you write:

Author: How do you wish to represent yourself in your research proposal, and how will you achieve that representation?
Purpose: Given that your purpose is to propose a topic and research strategy for your semester inquiry, how will you achieve this purpose in your research proposal?
Audience: Given that your audience is your ENG 102 instructor, how will this audience inform the content, structure, or language of your research proposal?
Genre: Given that your genre is a research proposal, what are the genre conventions (structure, design, formatting, language usage, and mechanics) that you need to apply?
Content: What information will you include in your research proposal about your topic and your research strategies? How much information will you need to include in the proposal, and in what order will you present the information?
Structure: How will you structure your research proposal? What structure will help your audience easily understand your topic and its significance?
Language: What linguistic choices will you make in your research proposal? How formal or informal should your language be? How can you revise and edit your language to meet your rhetorical purpose in the genre?

Your research proposal will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Rhetorical choices– Does the research proposal effectively fulfill its purpose and appeal to the audience?
Content choices– Does the research proposal present an overview of a significant topic and the research process to investigate the topic?
Genre choices– Does the research proposal effectively apply genre conventions?
Structural choices– Does the research proposal follow a logical arrangement?
Linguistic choices- Does the research proposal use effective language for the genre and rhetorical situation?