human diversity

·Cultural Competence Research Paper: Students will select one of the following marginalized populations for discussion:

 -Hispanic Americans
 – Muslim Americans
 – Latino Americans
 – LGBTQ+ Americans
 – Asian Americans
 – First Nations Americans (Native American) 
 – African Americans 

 Students will be expected to write a 5 page (minimum) research paper that will explore a specific cultural population. You will be expected to detail aspects of your population’s: 
-cultural identity
-How do they meet the criteria for a minority group as described by Healey and Stepnick?
-population demographics in the U.S.
-relevant majority/minority relations
-historic overviews of inequality/injustice/oppression
-risk factors specific to this population choice
-You may also discuss your personal knowledge of this cultural group, such as socialization, rate your previous knowledge about the aforementioned aspects you research, etc. 
-Any specific barriers to meeting the needs of this population in your future career (i.e., language barriers, for instance).
-Minimum of three sources.
Note: You MUST CITE SOURCES! This is an 7.0 APA paper. Appropriate formatting should be followed. Email me if you have any questions. You will need to cite your sources both in-text and with references page.