HUMINT Legal Issues, Values and Ethics


This paper was submitted and feedback from the professor is in the WORD document in RED. This paper needs to be redone following the instructor’s guidelines.

The Legal Issues, Values and Ethics section should:
1. List, and briefly describe the major regulatory and legal requirements that your organization does, or will operate under (i.e. Executive Orders, Military Regulations, Laws, etc.). DO NOT COPY AND PASTE SECTIONS OF THE LAW. Instead paraphrase and provide your understanding of these laws IN YOUR OWN WORDS.2. Analyze the implications of regulatory and legal requirements with the HUMINT scenario and intended activities from Part 3.3. Establish a code of values and ethics that will serve as the overarching moral code to guide your operation’s personnel as they conduct HUMINT activities. Make sure you are listing and describing each element of your code of values and ethics.
Note(s): (1) Intelligence organizations typically have a myriad of regulatory and legal requirements that will apply. For purposes of this project portion, include the top five (no more than five will be necessary). Also include peer-reviewed references that contribute to the substance of the paper, and support the topic thesis.