I have strong workethic and my heart isnt bound to the time clock.

Im a Sanitation Lead in a Fortune 500 Company, ive been in my role for 6 months, prior to this role i was a Quality Control Auditor for 2 years with this department. ive used my time in the begining of this role to build relatiohips with the new managemtn structure and sanitation professionals in order to create a blanket of trust and respect. ive been all ears to complaints and critizism while remaining unbias, and doing whats within the reach of my role to create nessisary changes. such changes are minor but mean alot to those im doing it for. before this role i had a reputation for being abbrasive and straight to the point (my way or the highway), mostly due to my job being “the last line of defense”, even with this reputation i have been able to mend the relationships with those who have been victums to this mindeset and now have been a mediator and mentor to those in my previus possition. i take very opertunity to branch out and work cross function between Operations and Mechanical. i have strong workethic and my heart isnt bound to the time clock.
My core job resposiblies are –
Saniation Process Control
Chemical Safety/Training
Personel Safety/Training
i need a small paragraph for each competencie topic and one for a final grading review for why i feel i deserve the highest grade for my performance

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