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I’m working on a computer science question and need an explanation to help me study.Answer 1 :UBI and SISIn the contemporary world, the introduction and tremendous evolution of artificial intelligence have led to the innovation of products such as robots which has a significant impact on society. In order to maintain the living standards of individuals, two ideas are proposed, the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and social investment stipend (SIS) which is set to benefit everyone in society regardless of their income or circumstance. The implementation of UBI will be very advantageous in society for it will reduce poverty, income inequality and the physical mental health of the general population. In addition, it avoids the disincentive to work with means-tested advantages (Banerjee, Niehaus & Suri, 2019). A UBI can also supply a Social Security Net with minimum administrative costs in times of crisis. On the other hand, SIS allows individuals to receive support and care based on their contribution to society.While these initiatives may be to the community, there are concerns that it may encourage laziness in the society, and may increase poverty in the society for resources are spread to everyone who deprives those that need it the most (Hanna & Olken, 2018). UBI and SIS are also expensive and may lead to labor and skills shortages. However, in an era of robotics and decreased human manpower, UBI and SIS can be implemented by considering specific groups in the society affected by technology. The groups that should receive UBI and SIS benefits include non-working parents, caregivers, and unemployed youths.ReferenceBanerjee, A., Niehaus, P., & Suri, T. (2019). Universal basic income in the developing world.Annual Review of Economics.Hanna, R., & Olken, B. A. (2018). Universal basic incomes versus targeted transfers: Anti-poverty programs in developing countries.Journal of Economic Perspectives,32(4), 201-26.Answer 2:Due to the tech revolution unemployment had taken over the lives of millions of people and to protect them from this the UBI was set up. The UBI was set up to help and recover the people from the financial point of view. Many benefits can be derived from the UBI the most important is that it helps people who are deprived of the monetary benefits. It suppresses less important aspects such as social security. To support middle-class people and to increase their wages the UBI is necessary (Declan, 2020). During different periods of recession in a country to balance the economic situation UBI plays an important role. Reducing costs, enhancing user experience and overall functioning is the formula for an efficient information system. A smart system must be able to increase efficiency in achieving a particular task and should be able to adapt to a dynamic environment.Cons of UBI and SISWhen it comes to increasing the overall growth the UBI produces an inefficient result and the overall cost of running a UBI system is very high which makes it less appealing. The long-term effect of UBI is that it increases the standard of living by creating and inflation in the economy wherein there is a greater demand for products and services (Jessie, 2019). There is a huge downfall in the application aspect of the UBI which is caused due to the motivation of the people. When we talk about the SIS certain aspects need to be e given special consideration such as security and privacy matters. However, when it comes to maintaining the SIS and setting it up the costs are minimal.Efficient applicationA huge impact can be expected if the application of UBI and SIS is done efficiently. The issues arising from education, lack of jobs, overall health issues, food scarcity, financial and housing problems will be taken care of with the proper execution of UBI (Jessie, 2019). Regular maintenance of systems, constant updates, and security patches should be a priority in order to achieve the maximum output out of a smart information system.REFERENCESGaffney, Declan. (2020). Universal basic services or universal basic income?. The Political Quarterly. 91. 10.1111/1467-923x.12922.McDonough, Brian & Morales, Jessie. (2019). Reflections on universal basic income. 10.4324/9781351106139-8.Answer 3 :Group Decision Support SystemsThe following are how the group decision support systems involve the decision-making capabilities that are evident for the groups and companies. It identifies the research and even helps the business to use and identify the different establishments developed with business models and efficient ways to reduce academic research. This research promotes the recognizing and solving programs to the whole side of everything generated in the communication-driven ways to the data use. Processes include giving the documentation and resources that come to the documentation and assessment to classify stable patterns (Zarat_t al., 2019).Developments for the whole company are significant through the better communication networks made to the company services and growth that comes to the processing and infrastructure developed in the meeting space with the decision-making processes influenced. Considerations for the development that is imposed given more employees made for the communication that comes with making decisions. It also promotes the communication required for the interpersonal communication level as the decisions can be encouraged and improved, making it comfortable for the needed use. The other is that it enhances the training and the learning to the employees and people using the systems for more decisions and opinions to be used for growth and productivity.It minimizes the irrelevance and improves the focus and the concertation needed for the discussions available to the company and decisions established. The other one is that it gives the difference made for the considerations that come with the use of the digital GDSS that improves the overall decision-making abilities. This ability makes the better-improving targets that are available for use. Reflection on the different opportunities made as the other one is the development created for communication networks made for the functional systems that enhance the space and communication in the options and decisions that are to be made in the groups (Aghazadeh Ardebili & Padoano, 2020).REFERENCESZarat_P., Alemany, M. M. E., Del Pino, M., Alvarez, A. E., & Camilleri, G. (2019, May). How to support group decision making in horticulture: An approach based on the combination of a centralized mathematical model and a Group Decision Support System. InInternational Conference on Decision Support System Technology(pp. 83-94). Springer, Cham.https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-18819-1_7Aghazadeh Ardebili, A., & Padoano, E. (2020). A Literature Review of the Concepts of Resilience and Sustainability in Group Decision-Making.Sustainability,12(7), 2602.https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/12/7/2602Answer 4:A community decision-support system (GDSS) is an interactive computer-based system that helps a group of decision-makers solve unstructured problems (DeSanctis and Gallup, 1987). While the groupware and Web-based resources for videoconferencing and electronic meetings discussed earlier in this text may assist in certain group decision-making processes, they are mainly focused on facilitating group decision-making. on the subject of contact GDSS, on the other hand, provides resources and innovations that are specifically designed for community decision-making and were created in response to an increasing concern about meeting consistency and effectiveness. The explosion of decision-maker gatherings, the lengthening of those meetings, and the increased number of attendees have all contributed to the fundamental issues in community decision-making. Estimates the percentage of a manager’s time spent in meetings varies between 35 and 70 percent.Main elements of GDSS:It primarily assists community decision-makers by automating subprocesses (such as brainstorming) and using information technology resources.It’s a custom-built information system, not just a combination of pre-existing system elements. It can be designed to solve a specific problem or make a number of operational decisions at the group level.It promotes the development of new ideas, the settlement of disputes, and the freedom of speech.It has built-in mechanisms that prevent negative group activities like disruptive conflict, miscommunication, and groupthink from developing.Considerations of GDSS:Small businesses that are rapidly expanding will greatly benefit from electronic GDSS technology. As a company expands rapidly and more workers are recruited, the company’s organizational dynamics and peer contact change. To make work-related decisions, many new workers need access to information and to others within the organization. The GDSS must be implemented. As they can effectively promote communication among members of a growing group in a systematic, controllable, and efficient manner because they can facilitate communication among members of a growing group in a systematic, controllable, and efficient manner.References:Prescott, A. (2017, November 21). How gdss can enhance group decision-making. Retrieved April 08, 2021, fromhttps://smallbusiness.chron.com/gdss-can-enhance-g…Chiu, C-M., T. P. Liang, and E. Turban. What Can Crowdsourcing Do for Decision Support? Decision Support Systems, September 2014.