Individual Critical Analysis Report

Individual Critical Analysis Report
Length:               1800 words

This Individual assessment is designed to encourage critical analysis as it relates to your understanding of the Global Hotel Landscape.
Having already understood how hotels overcome obstacles in real-time (A1) and respond to global challenges (A2), you are now challenged to draw conclusions about the need for your selected hotel to consider (1) Quality control (2) Sustainable developments (3) Innovation strategies.
Identify and evaluate the current business strategy of a five star hotel of your choice in a destination of your choice, using a suitable business analysis model to structure your evaluation.
Based on your findings, you must make recommendations on how the hotel can develop robust Quality Control, Sustainable Development and Innovation strategies to stimulate future performance of the hotel you have selected.You should research recent industry and academic sources (20152020), in order to locate evidence and examples of each issue.
Other Information about this assessment

Executive summary
Table of contents
Introduction (250 words)
Body (1300 words) Provide a structured discussion and evaluation of current performance of the hotel selected in its destination.Provide recommendations for Quality Control, Sustainable Development and Innovation strategies that could be implemented in the selected hotel.
Conclusion (250 words)
Reference list

Note: the word count excludes the executive summary, table of contents and the reference list