Industrial toxicology – Topic is Safety Data Sheet

This assignment is composed of 3 questions. For Questions 2 and 3, Please use the attached Formaldehyde MSDS to answer questions 2 and 3. DO NOT EXCEED ONE PAGE!!!

Questions:1. Explain the purpose of the SDS. Include in your explanation who is responsible for generating the SDS, what information must be included in the document, and who is the target audience.
2. Based on the information listed on the Formaldehyde SDS (ex: LD50 values, acute and chronic effects, etc.), how would you describe the toxicity of this material (high/low/no toxicity) and why?
3. In the Formaldehyde SDS, does the data included in Section 11 (Toxicology) support the information listed in Sections 2 (Hazard Identification). If not, are these hazards listed? Please compare.