Informal vs Formal Learning

I linked the instructions down below in files and the piece that needs rewriting 

Heres a summary of instructions
Must answer both 

-How would you have answered the question what is education? at different moments in
your life?
– Which forms of what weve been referring to as tracking (whether formal or informal) do
you think influenced how you would have answered the question above in those different

Written Response – Written responses can be in any genre form that you like. You might write an
 exploratory think-piece, an argumentative essay on the material and its relation to your life, or even 
use creative forms such as imaginative storytelling or poetry. – Written responses have a minimum 
word count of 750 words, or approximately three pages double-spaced. You are welcome to exceed 
this minimum threshold if you like. – Element #2 (peer responses) should be worked into your essay
 in thoughtful and respectful ways. – Element #3 (image/s) can be included either in the body of the 
text or as an attachment to your submission.