Informative Speaking

 Informative speaking takes many forms. We inform people of things every day. This week, you will be giving an informative speech of your own: the Explanatory Speech.

After watching, choose 1 of the options below. Whichever option you choose should contain 1–2 paragraphs of explanation or rationale:

Share a Scripture reference that either supports or questions something that was presented in the video along with your explanation for why you selected the verse and how you feel it supports or questions the content. Be sure to mention the exact comment, phrase, or topic that you are referencing.
Explore the relationship between the video and your past experience. How do the ideas connect or diverge? How does your understanding of this resource shape your thinking about public speaking?
Provide an image or YouTube link that came to mind when watching and give a brief explanation for why/how it connects with something in the text.