Interdisciplinary Studies Homework

Your first workshop will ask you to create a visual depiction of the 10-step interdisciplinary research process as it will apply to your forthcoming research. The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand the process better by applying visual metaphors and to help you plan for the term paper. In other words, how would someone in your field (an artist, designer, programmer) understand and explain the 10-step process? You may create a flow chart or diagram, or you can do something more abstract. You may or may not use colors, but you must have something other than words. If you feel creatively “stuck” then I encourage you to imagine the process as a recipe and depict it that way. 

All 10 steps must be depicted
Any medium can be used, including computer drawing programs, hand-drawn/painted images, or photograph collages
Label and explain each of the steps in the image
If images are taken from the web, they must be licensed for free-use
If submitting a photo of hand-drawn/painted creations, be sure the image is clear and taken with plenty of light

(The topic is going to be Climate Change and refer to the attached document for the ten steps and the disciplines I chose for my topic)