Interpret Changes in Employment Laws

As shown by the timeline of major employment laws, sometimes referred to as labor laws, 
these have been in place for many years. Many have been updated to be more relevant for 
the workplace during various times in the United States. While these laws continue to 
evolve, the purpose of employment laws is to protect individual workers and employers right along with them to promote a more productive, safe working environment.
You will begin this assignment by researching the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Then, research and select a recently changed or newly implemented employmen law. Think of relevant current topics such as changes in sick leave or family leave laws, or the new ban-
the-box or pregnancy accommodation legislation. Now, in the role of an HR manager, 
 explain the laws you have selected. You are to present your information at the next team 
meeting with your HR associates. Address the following in your research:

Explain the laws and what they cover.
Determine how the obsoleter employment law and the more recent one vary from each other. Provide examples of how this influences HR supervisors and team members roles.
Assess the impact of the laws for employees and the organization.
Include important steps supervisors must take to ensure compliance with employment laws.