Interview paper

You will conduct an Interview of an individual with a medical condition (Family members are allowed). 
Through the interview process, you will be gaining information regarding the diagnosis, symptoms, medical management and the impact of the condition on the individuals occupational performance.
Following the interview, you will produce a paper summarizing the findings of your interview as well as comparing and contrasting the information reported during the interview to the traditional documented information found in medical journals and books regarding the condition. 
You will be producing a comparative analysis of the information obtained via interview and research and personal reflection.
Paper must include headings and subheadings.
You must use at least a minimum of 3 medical references published with the last 7 years. In-text and reference list citations must be in accordance with the APA Style Manual.
Properly cite and quote direct quotes from your interview in your paper. 
Be sure you properly list your interview subject in your reference list (APA citation for a personal interview).
Please refer to your interview subject by initials only in the body of your paper (ex. John Doe will be referred to as J.D. in your paper)