Introduction to literature ENG 201

It can be argued that in A Marriage Proposal, playwright Anton Chekhov is using comedy to show something serious about marriage, socioeconomic class, and/or gender roles. In one paragraph, explain what Checkhov may be suggesting about marriage, or socioeconomic class, or gender roles. Refer to one or two specific examples from the play in your paragraph.

Use one or two quotes from the story you are discussing in the paragraph and cite the quotes correctly in the paragraph using MLA citation. Provide a context for the quote prior to quoting, and provide commentary of the quote after quoting. 
You do NOT need a Works Cited page for this assignment.

-Focus: answer the question, and the answer should stay on topic.
-Development for the answered question: the paragraph contains relevant and specific example/s. Quotations are integrated effectively (context provided) and cited correctly.
-Content: provides accurate information from the text(s) being discussed.

-Grammar: Word choice, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation are correct.